Long-range Thermal Imaging


Ultra Long Range Thermal Night Vision Security Surveillance Camera
Drawing from more than 10 years experience in infrared technology, VitalRANGER 2000 line of thermal infrared security surveillance cameras are designed for long range surveillance in total darkness making them the ultimate product for night vision security. The expertise in infrared night vision technology provides a complete night vision solution with a full spectrum of infrared wavelength power.
Our unique combination of day and night vision power is the answer to the growing needs of increased security and homeland protection at a broad range of facilities including protection of infrastructure such as bridges, airports, seaports, subways, military facilities, nuclear power plants, perimeter security, as well as a variety of industrial and governmental facilities.
The VitalRANGER uses state of art passive infrared thermal seeking technology. With an NETD of 0.08 deg C, VitalRANGER provides ultra long-range surveillance detection as far as 1600 meters for human, 2400 meters for automobile, and 3600 meters for ships.
  • 320x240 BST or microbolometer un-cooled passive infrared FPA detector
  • Manually or automatically adjust contrast and brightness
  • Remote control for: contrast and brightness, frame freeze, polarity, frame averaging,  focus
  • Environmentally qualified security surveillance enclosure housing
  • Coated Germanium Enclosure Infrared Window to filter out unwanted light/radiation Input