Long-range Thermal Imaging



The central location (monitoring station) consists of:
The following items are necessary and are not provided by us.
1. A suitable structure or building to house the control equipment and operator.
2. A mast to accommodate the Ethernet Bridge located adjacent to the above control room and other electronic equipment (radios, cameras, etc).
3. Suitable stable mains power supply.
The Digital Video Recorder, network, communication and power supply equipment are housed in a 19" rack mount cabinet with forced ventilation and UPS.
The Digital Video Recorder includes one local client for the operator. Multiple local or distributed networked clients may be added to the system. The Digital Video Recorder serves as a security event management and reporting system as well as a video store providing "Rules Based" reports. In addition, the Digital Video Recorder can integrate data from other systems (access control, weighbridge, points-of-sale, movement control, etc.) and create events and event reports with direct links to the associated video.
A matrix and controller to operate the PT Head(s), program camera "patrols" and operate the camera functions (model dependent).
If more than one camera is used in the system a composite monitor for each camera may be required. If several cameras are used in the system (on one or more remote sites), additional controllers may be required.