Long-range Thermal Imaging



For each remote site the following is required:
A VitalRANGER camera using state of the art passive infrared thermal seeking technology. With an NETD of 0.08 deg C, the VitalRANGER provides ultra long-range surveillance detection as far as 1,600 meters for humans, 2,400 meters for automobiles and 3,600 meters for ships depending on the lens configuration.
The VitalRANGER is mounted on a 360 panning head with tilt limited as required. A suitable vantage point is required for mounting the PT head to provide stability for the camera, a view of the protected area and a suitable mounting for the Ethernet Bridge. This may be an existing structure or a new tower structure.
Multiple thermal imaging or standard Closed Circuit Television cameras may be installed at each remote site. Network, communication and power supply equipment are housed in a 19" rack mount cabinet with forced ventilation. The cabinet is housed in a suitable weatherproof cabin with forced ventilation. No air-conditioning is supplied but may be considered in very hot locations.
220v electrical supply is required at the remote site.
Solar or other power source may be considered.
The cabin is mounted at ground level.
If network connection is required a suitable network bridge.
There may be multiple remote sites in the security system.