Long-range Thermal Imaging


The system described here is given for information purposes only. A full site inspection and requirement evaluation will be required for final design and contract pricing.
The system described is based on an actual installation completed by us in 2004 to provide security surveillance on a farm and certain transport routes between two shafts of a mine. The objective is to allow the operator to view human objects at up to 1.6km, motor vehicles up to 2.4km and larger objects such a ships at more than 3.6km irrespective of light levels and weather conditions. The system may be used in many varied security or other applications.
The camera is mounted on a 30m high steel tower adjacent to the farmhouse to give it a clear view to the perimeter of the farm. It is mounted on a pan and tilt head operated from a controller and matrix in the farmhouse. The system performs various automated camera "patrols" of preset positions to give full coverage of all access points, fence lines and sensitive areas on the farm.
All video is recorded on a hard disk Digital Video Recorder and displayed in the control room and on large screens in other areas of the farmhouse. Motion detection recording is possible during camera "patrols" and may, with limitations, be used as an alarm system. The system is best suited to be operated by a qualified operator.
Operation and control may be local at or near the base of the tower or remote. The system described here contemplates multiple remote sites being controlled from a central location using wireless Ethernet bridges.