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Customer Partnership


System Design
No two security problems are the same. Therefore we will work closely with you to define your precise needs. It's the only way to ensure that the surveillance system we design is right for you.
Equipment Specification
VitalVISION are not tied to equipment manufacturers or to suppliers. We will select the most appropriate equipment for the level of surveillance that you require, bearing in mind the financial restraints indicated to us by you. Whilst the maxim "You Get What You Pay For" is very true, good quality entry-level equipment is as viable for some installations as top-level equipment is essential for others.
Qualified technicians under personal supervision install equipment. Every installation carries a 12-month Warranty against faulty workmanship.
Once your surveillance system has been installed we provide training that will ensure optimum performance under all conditions.
Safe Practice
Installations and any repair work we undertake will comply with your codes of safe practice as well as those of National, Provincial and Municipal authorities.