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Installation Standards (3)


Cameras require one of three power sources; 230v AC, 12v DC or 24v AC. Cameras that use a 230v AC power source require an electrical certificate once installed. This is an added expense and it is widely considered that these cameras pose a fire hazard. At VitalVISION, we prefer to use either 12v DC or 24v AC transformers and run the power cable alongside the video cable to each camera, from a central point. An advantage of having the power source at a central location is that it is less susceptible to sabotage. 220v AC cameras will be installed where the installation necessitates their use.
The safety of our staff, while they are conducting work for VitalVISION, is of paramount importance. Each staff member deserves to leave work at the end of a day in exactly the same physical condition in which he arrived. Regular safety meetings are held and we are subject to regular safety audits as a result of our involvement in the oil industry installations. These audits test our technician's safety awareness and ensure that our installation equipment is in a satisfactory condition.
Staff Training
Not only do our technicians undergo practical training to ensure that our stringent standards are adhered to, they also play an integral part in the process of continuous improvement. They are also encouraged to attend technical learning programs so as to improve their knowledge, competencies and marketability.