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Installation Standards (1)


All exposed cable is installed in conduit. Outdoor cable is encased in steel Bosal conduit. PVC conduiting is used whenever any trenching is required, as it does not biodegrade underground, as is the case with Bosal. Exposed indoor cable is encased in either PVC conduit or trunking. A large emphasis is placed on aesthetics and our technicians are required to make 45 bends and joins in their conduit work.
The use of quality cable is critical to the success of an installation. Cheap cable can result in a weak video signal. It may also be more susceptible to outside interference, which could result in a reduction in the life span of your system. RG59 is the standard video cable used between cameras and the monitoring equipment. The Oil Companies requires a 75-Ohm military specification as a minimum. At VitalVISION, we use  RG59B/U MIL-C-17F cable, which surpasses the above requirement. In instances where the distance between a camera and the monitoring equipment exceeds 270 metres, RG11 can be used up to a distance of 550 metres. Where these distances are exceeded, twisted-pair cable powered by baluns may be used up to 1,200 metres, whereafter fibre optic cable is required.