Event Reporting & Control Room Management
Data Integration : Servicing & Contract Maintenance
System Operation & Management

Managing your CCTV

Very often the expectation is that by simply installing a CCTV system one will solve all problems. However, within a short period the system is criticised for not being able to do the job expected of it. There are several ways in which your CCTV can become an effective tool, providing you with really usefull information.
Event Reporting & Control Room Management
Rules based reporting that separates the important from the unimportant and facilitates  the presentation of concise management reports with direct video links.
Data Integration & Text Overlays
Importing external data and linking it to video clips together with intelligent reporting on the data using defined rules. This effectively allows the system to intelligently interpret events and report as required.  
Text overlays that simply write data on top of the video giving you a permanent record of transactions.
Servicing & Contract Maintenance
All CCTV systems require some form of maintenance to ensure their continuing effectiveness in a dynamic environment. VitalVISION offer ongoing maintenance and will even contract to manage your CCTV system.
System Management & Operation
VitalCALL, in conjunction with our preferred Security Services operator, will operate and manage your CCTV system to make it truely effective.